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1) Trekking

There are few marked trails. But the most interesting and challenging experience is to explore the hiking along the formal forest and rural roads which are usually well maintained. Unique routes with easy and safe access and varying degrees of difficulty. 


Unique scents of nature stimulate the senses and mind rewarding the most demanding hiker : the lush pine forest, majestic landscapes and spectacular views, continuing changes in the terrain (forest-woodland-farmland), the acquaintance with the rich fauna of the region (hundreds of species of native shrubs, plants and herbs).


2) Cycling

Evia island is the perfect destination for family holiday. Ideal for those who wish to investigate a place that still remains authentic and non crowded tourism. It  has a uniqe natural beauty, cultural heritage, local tradition. Explore the mainland and experience the wild and untouched scenery by cycling all around.


3) Herbs collection

Northern Evia is famous for the vast forest areas dominated by the pine trees and firs (at higher altitudes). Within these cozy and easily accessible woodland can find out hundreds of species of plants and shrubs. Discover and collect Greek herbs (oregano, thyme, savory, etc.) and learn about their use and healing properties.


4) Traditional Greek nights

Traditional local festivals with music and dance. Enjoy the greek way of life and entertainment, dancing all night long.


5) Religious tradition

In the area, there are dozens of beautiful small churches. Discover their idyllic atmosphere and enjoy the unique natural beauty environment. Furthemore, explore well-known monasteries that attract thousands of pilgrims, as the church of St. John Rossou, the monastery of Saint David, the monastery St. Nicholas Galataki .