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Places to stay 

The complex has 12 one-room suites and 4 apartments of a unique style with a fully equipped kitchen, fireplace, private terrace or balcony with garden and parking. All suites and apartments enjoy unobstructed breathtaking view of the sea and the forest. 

The residence is designed and configured in a way to provide a sense of privacy and personal space. Each apartment has a separate exterior entrance, exclusively own terrace and / or garden with sun loungers and cushions perfect for relaxing after sea bath.

 The interiors are characterized by comfort, minimalist aesthetics and color combinations that differentiate the personality of each space.



The exteriors with stone components, beautiful gardens and ancient trees are perfectly safe for play and children activities.


Common Relaxation Area / bar 

The common room is very stylish and has been designed to provide relaxing moments in both summer and winter. Breakfast is offered with special attention to the quality of raw materials and ths use of organic products. Thoughtful flavors, quality products and salads are also offered in the afternoonand evening hours.

 In the interiors of the hotel are not accepted pets.